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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Find organic cacao nibs at Bulk Barn!

I recall just a year ago it was difficult to get my hands on organic cacao nibs in packages larger than 100 to 250 grams. They were only available raw and in small packages in health food stores, or you had to buy them in large quantities online. So I was surprised to walk into the Bulk Barn last weekend and find a huge bulk bin of organic cacao nibs. 

So besides tossing them into cereal, yogurt and homemade granola bars, what can you do with these nibs?  Make chocolate from the bean at home! Read this post for a recipe and to learn how.

Bulk Barn also has a good selection of quality chocolate for baking with, including Callebaut bittersweet and milk chocolate wafers. And the ingredients now say "vanilla" in the store instead of "vanillin" - a great improvement for the natural baker!

Bulk Barn is Canada's largest bulk retailer, but if you are looking for organic cacao nibs in the U.S., I have purchased some roasted and raw organic nibs from Jedwards International of Braintree, MA. Click here for more information.

What other chocolate can you find at the Bulk Barn?  Firstly, chocolate-covered cacao nibs and a huge selection of chocolate bars, see one here.

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  1. Excellent recommendations: delicious and healthy. Good choice!